The Winery

The Winery in Newport Beach and Tustin

Come to The Winery Restaurant at The District in Tustin. The Winery Restaurant has been referred to as the “Best Restaurant of the Year” by the Orange County Concierge Association and as Orange County’s “unprecedented culinary genius.” And it sure lives up to its accolades! The Winery Restaurant has set new standards for the Orange County dining. Continue reading

Breakfast in the Barn

Breakfast in the Barn for Gregory

OC foodies probably best know Chef Greg Moro best from his time at French 75 in Laguna Beach. Sadly he was recently in a devastating accident while riding his motorcycle. We’ll check in on a special fundraiser for Chef Greg, “Breakfast in the Barn for Gregory” in Irvine on Saturday morning, October 29th @ 10am. Continue reading

Flavors of Thai Town

Flavors of Thai Town from Melting Pot Food Tours

Take an exciting tour of Thai Town in Los Angeles! Savvy food tourists can now personally experience that same, ultimate, insiders' tour, previously available only to prominent journalists and distinguished visiting chefs with celebrity chef and national culinary personality Jet Tila as their personal guide.

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