Show 153, January 2, 2016: Winegrower David de Lancellotti, Formaglini Vineyards, Williamette Valley, Oregon Continues…

David de Lancelotti and Andy HarrisMaking great wine requires a basic passion for farming. We continue with winegrower David de Lancellotti of Formaglini Vineyards.

David brings a unique talent to both his wine growing style and his dedication to small hand-farmed Oregon Pinot Noir. True to the essence of the soil, the Formaglini Vineyard has used only Biodynamic and organic techniques since its planting in 2007. David is deeply passionate and faithful to his Italian roots and integrates these Old World learnings and practices throughout his Formaglini Vineyard wine experience.

“The Formaglini family (my grandmother Onelia) came from a small village in the hills outside Bologna. It was there in the small community of La Quercia that this wine, this dream, was born. The traditions that were passed from that generation to our de Lancellotti family today is the passion behind this wine. It is our family’s belief that what was once simple and true, just a generation ago, is even more real today. This vineyard project and the wine made here in Oregon is a tribute to all those who shaped and enriched our lives.” –David de Lancellotti


Show 140, October 3, 2015: ADYA – Fresh Indian Flavors and Executive Chef Shachi Mehra

Shachi MehraExecutive Chef Shachi Mehra is the co-proprietor of ADYA – Fresh Indian Flavors in the Packing House in Anaheim. At the recent Golden Foodie Awards ADYA was one of three distinguished nominees for Best Indian Cuisine. We’ll find out from Chef Shachi herself what restaurant was awarded the coveted honor.

“At ADYA, we showcase the flavorful street food of India. Our inspiration comes from the multitude of bright flavors and textures representing the diversity of India itself. Working with our local farmers, growers and purveyors, we strive to use local, organic, biodynamic ingredients whenever possible. Combining these with modern creative and classic Indian styles of cooking, we present food that balances the bounty of California with the bold flavors and spices of India. The carefully curated wine list and rotating craft beer list complement our vibrant flavors and casual style. Our team’s passion for hospitality comes through with each bite, every sip and with every smiling interaction.”

Shachi grew up surrounded by good food and learned early the importance of eating seasonally during her annual summer trips to her native India. Her mother was an exceptional cook, and as a young girl, Shachi spent many a moment sitting on the counter, as the ‘official taste tester’ of the house. Growing up in New Jersey, Shachi had her share of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as well as traditional Indian foods; this crossing of two cultures from her youth carries in to her work now and allows her the ability to see things from different perspectives and bridge the gap between perception and reality of Indian food.

As a chef, Mehra believes in creating innovative and thoughtful menus that tastefully balance a variety of flavors and makes cuisines appealing to a range of tastes. She is also an ardent supporter of local farmers and sustainable practices.

A second ADYA is in the works. Location and timeframe are under securely wraps at the moment. We’ll keep after Chef Shachi for the future details…

Look for her interactive “Learn To Create” monthly cooking classes at ADYA. It’s the home cooks’ guide to quick, easy Indian dishes. The next class is Saturday, November 7th. It’s Indian Thanksgiving dishes for the American table. Do I hear tandoori turkey?



Show 134, August 8, 2015: Kyle Meyer, Co-Proprietor, The Wine Exchange

Kyle Meyer of Wine ExchangeIt’s time to talk wine again with our resident authority Kyle Meyer, the Co-proprietor of The Wine Exchange in Santa Ana. There are a lot of obscure “green” terms being used in marketing wine these days. You have organic, sustainable and biodynamic being used. What’s the difference between an organic and biodynamic wine anyway ? Also, what is skin contact and dry farmed when it comes to wine ?

Organic and biodynamic wines tend to be more expensive because there is more labor and time involved in the process of growing the grapes and creating the wine..

Kyle, a pleasantly regular fellow, will enthusiastically share with us what we really need to know “about being green” when it comes to wine in understandable English.

Kyle explains that dry farming is already the rule of law in the European Union.


Show 32, June 22, 2013: Chefs Steve Samson and Zach Pollack of Sotto in Los Angeles (Continued…)

Steve Samson and Zach Pollack of SottoIn 2009 Samson and Pollack first collaborated at the well-received Pizzeria Ortica for David Myers located near South Coast Plaza. Samson was the on-site working chef there and Pollack was the pizzaiolo. They immediately attracted the attention of the Orange County food writers and the crowds of diners soon followed.

On Tuesday evening, June 25th Sotto is hosting the Donkey & Goat Wine Dinner. Donkey & Goat is an emerging biodynamic boutique producer out of Sonoma County and is attracting quite a lot of attention.

The dinner, served family-style, will feature different preparations of Sonoma goat!