Show 250, December 2, 2017: Art Sezgin, Co-Founder, Fresh & Ready Foods

Art SezginFresh & Ready Foods®, innovators i food manufacturing for over 25 years, is the smart, efficient answer to all grab & go, catering and box lunch needs. Since 1990, Fresh & Ready Foods has been manufacturing and distributing high quality sandwiches, box lunches, salads, and baked goods.

While Fresh & Ready Foods began by servicing hospitals and colleges (including patient and employee lunches) in Los Angeles; they now reach the entire state of California, Nevada and Western Arizona. Their current customer base includes medical centers, airlines, business dining services, convention centers, hotels, military bases and retail.

Fresh & Ready Foods’ state-of-the-art commercial production facilities have the capacity to manufacture their full line of sandwiches, salads, box lunches and baked goods no matter what size the affair. They source their meats direct from the packers, the produce straight from the farm and Artisan breads come from several local gourmet bakeries daily. Fresh & Ready’s highly-trained production crew is instructed to follow strict guidelines and specifications ensuring a consistent, high quality product.

Art is an accomplished chef by training and there are two additional chefs as part of the operating team there including alums from the Careers through Culinary Arts Program.

In addition to what they make, Fresh & Ready Foods is concerned with how they make it. They have a comprehensive, detailed food safety program that gives them an extra level of confidence in the foods they manufacture.

Co-Founder & President Art Sezgin joins us.


Show 6: November 17, 2012: Marcel Vigneron of “Top Chef” & “Next Iron Chef: Redemption” & Mixologist Devon Espinosa of Hollywood’s Pour Vous

Marcel (a CIA graduate) was the executive sous chef at Jose Andres’ acclaimed Bazaar on Restaurant Row in Los Angeles when he was cast on “Top Chef.” He was the cheftestant that you loved to hate.

Marcel remains in Los Angeles and runs the very busy catering enterprise, Modern Global Tasting.

His colleague, Mixologist Devon Espinoza, is also a CIA graduate. Devon is a C-CAP alum. Prior to Pour Vous Devon debuted the cocktail program for Chef Michael Voltaggio’s ink.

Marcel and Devon teamed up for “Getting Out Just Desserts” to create an incredible a la minute fresh coconut ice cream using liquid nitrogen as the freezing mechanism. What a show-stopper and perfect for Hollywood!


Show 5: November 3, 2012: Pastry Chef Mariah Swan of bld

Wednesday night is fresh donut night at Neal Fraser’s bld on Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles near the Original Farmers Market. Pastry Chef Mariah Swan creates a changing selection of five donuts each week. All are fried to order.

She’s also famous for a decadent line of specialty milk shakes with a punch. All the ice creams in the shakes are house-prepared.

Mariah and bld will be one of the 35 outstanding restaurants and bakeries participating in the

“Getting Our Just Desserts” Benefit at The Art Institute of California – Los Angeles’ Santa Monica campus on Saturday afternoon, November 17th to benefit Careers through Culinary Arts Program.

Eat Sweet and Do Good !

Eat Sweet and Do Good !