Show 268, April 7, 2018: Co-host, Andy Harris, “Your Questions & Our Answers”

Andy Harris at the KLAA StudiosWe’re encouraged to receive many thoughtful questions via Social Media and e-mail. While Chef Andrew Gruel is hanging out at Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival, Executive Producer Andy Harris will answer a few recent inquiries of the most general interest along with a major announcement of emeritus host Chef Jet’s Tila’s new Food TV adventure.


Show 62, February 22, 2013: Jet Tila with your questions and his answers

KnivesWe get questions…

Chef Jet responds to an assortment of inquiries from the overflowing e-mailbag. Jet talks about safety concerns with raw chicken and the selection process (and recommendations) for proper knives in the home kitchen. Jet believes in keeping it simple. You can actually do well in the home kitchen with just three different knives.