Show 254, December 30, 2017: Raicilla Expert & Festival Producer, Edgar Cisneros, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

Edgar CisnerosIn the holiday spirit we’re journeying back to sunny Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. The area is the home of the potent, distilled Racilla from the green agave plant, a distant cousin of the better-known Tequila. Raicilla is the local spirit of Puerto Vallarta and is prepared nearby in the towns of San Sebastian del Oeste and El Tuito.

It’s a slow process as the nine varieties of local Agave that Raicilla can be made from take some nine to twelve years to mature. Then the distilled Raicilla needs more time to age in oak barrels.

Tequila and Raicilla tastings can be done at most restaurants and haciendas around Puerto Vallarta.

Raicilla types :

  • Blanco: when it hasn’t been kept in oak barrels
  • Joven (Young): less than one year in oak barrels.
  • Reposado: Between 1 and 2 years in oak barrels
  • Añejo: More than 2 years in oak barrels.

Raicilla expert Edgar Cisneros is our well-informed guide. He organizes regular Raicilla tasting in greater Puerto Vallarta as well as the upcoming DamaJuana Raicilla Festival in Puerto Vallarta on March 16th & 17th.

For info on Edgar’s upcoming Raicilla Tastings Google “Alma de Agave, Puerto Vallarta.”


Show 197, November 12, 2016: Tequila Sommelier Audrey Formisano, Marriott Resort CasaMagna, Puerto Vallarta

Audrey FormisanoGenuine Tequila can only come from certain areas of Mexico and the State of Jalisco is famous for their blue agave which is the base for authentic Tequila. The accommodating Marriott Resort CasaMagna in Puerto Vallarta’s Marina zone has a resident Tequila Sommelier and a fascinating on-site Tequila program. We’ll meet her. Bring on the aged Anejo.

CasaMagna has their own, on-property agave garden. CasaMagna Tequila (only available there) is distilled in five styles including Blanco, Joven, Reposado, Extra Anejo and Anejo. It’s attractively packaged in a distinctive custom bottle. They also offer over 114 different varieties of Tequila from other producers at the resort for the guests’ sipping pleasure.

Audrey hosts highly-rated Tasting Classes that come enthusiastically recommended. These can be arranged on 24 hours notice at the guest’s convenience. The informative sessions include colorful commentary on the mythical origins of the drink as well as the modern state of the tequila industry.