Show 215, March 18, 2017: “The Meatheads” (Terry and Jay) From West Coast Prime Meats

Premium Lamb from West Coast Prime MeatsPassover and Easter are on the immediate horizon. For serious home cooks that means a family table of ham and/or lamb for Easter, and lamb for Passover. Our resident meats experts (The heralded Meatheads from West Coast Prime Meats, Terry & Jay) have some practical advice and cooking tips for us.

What’s all the fuss about lamb from Colorado and New Zealand? We’ll find out. The Meatheads give us the 411 on American lamb, Colorado lamb, and lamb from New Zealand from two different points-of-view. Do note there are grades of lamb.

Lamb Crown Roast is a great variation for Easter or Passover and don’t forget the Country Ham option for the Easter table. Grilled marinated Leg of Lamb is a good option, too.


Show 212, February 25, 2017: Adam and Chef Scott Goldberg, Fresh Brothers – Pizza, Salad and Wings. Continues…

Adam and Scott GoldbergHere’s a good one for you. There really are two brothers (Chef Scott and Adam Goldberg) at Fresh Brothers Pizza with 19 locations in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. It’s really all about “Fresh” as even the dough is made fresh daily. Adam & Chef Scott Goldberg continue…

“For those following special diets, Fresh Brothers even offers a gluten-free pizza and other gluten-free items, as well as vegan options. Aside from their health-conscious efforts, Fresh Brothers offers a wide variety of delicious pizzas, salads and more – a little something for everyone!”

Since 2012 Fresh Brothers has offered a special Matzo Pizza for Passover. It’s become a popular, limited time tradition in the Jewish community and beyond…It’s a 7-inch square.

“Adam’s dream of owning a pizza shop has officially turned into a successful venture. Fresh Brothers has expanded over the last 8 years and continues to give back to their community. The company has given thousands in donations to support multiple local SoCal schools and non-profits. In 2016 alone, Fresh Brothers raised almost $30,000 for schools in Irvine, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and Laguna Niguel. Aside from the delicious ingredients, hospitality and healthy choices, Fresh Brothers has proven that the most important aspect of their business is giving back to their community.”


Show 165, March 26, 2016: Kyle Meyer, Co-Founder & Co-Proprietor, Wine Exchange

Kyle Meyer of Wine ExchangeIt’s our regular monthly wine education segment with the always engaging, Kyle Meyer, co-proprietor of Wine Exchange in Santa Ana, and our resident wine authority. Kyle is off to Bordeaux for a couple of days with co-proprietor Tristen to taste 2014 Bordeaux (in the barrel.) Some 1,500 wines…

You see the word “Reserve” on many USA produced wines. Does this have any real legal definition or is it just a catchy marketing term? You’ll be surprised to learn the answer.…

What’s the perfect wine pairing for the Easter or Passover lamb? Kyle suggests possible selections from the countries where lamb is a staple.