Show 115, March 21, 2015: Chef Louie Jocson, Zov’s Bistro

Louie JocsonFinally a chance to chat with Guest Host Chef Louie Jocson, the new Director of Culinary Operations for the growing Family of Zov’s restaurants. Chef Louie most recently created the highly regarded Red Table in Huntington Beach, a locals’ favorite. He sold his interest to his former partners right before joining Zov’s.

Chef Louie has come full circle with Zov Karamardian. He started his career in the restaurant business at age 15 washing dishes and helping in the kitchen at Zov’s Bistro before enrolling in culinary school in San Francisco (California Culinary Academy) and working his way up the ranks at many of Orange County’s top restaurants in the ensuring years. Zov wrote the needed Letter of Recommendation for Louie to be accepted to culinary school at age 18.

Earlier in his career he was the Co-Executive Chef of the highly regarded Antonello’s in South Coast Plaza Village.

It’s a cooking family. Louie’s older brother, Carlito, is the long-time Executive Chef for Yard House and is an original partner. It’s now owned by Darden Restaurants.


Show 88, September 13, 2014: Zov Karmardian, Zov’s Bistro

Zov Karamardian or Zov's in TustinChef, restaurateur and cookbook author Zov Karmardian of the flagship Zov’s Bistro in Tustin needs no introduction to the listeners of the “SoCal Restaurant Show.” An Anaheim Zov’s near Angel Stadium is in the works and soon to launch.

Zov also has brought on board as Culinary Director, Louie Jocson. You know Chef Louie as the executive chef and creator of the glowingly-reviewed Red Table in Huntington Beach. This is a return, of sorts, for Chef Jocson. In high school (before culinary school) he washed dishes at Zov’s as well as peeled garlic and chopped parsley.