Show 260, February 10, 2018: Executive Chef Bernard Guillas, The Marine Room & The La Jolla Breach & Tennis Club, La Jolla

Bernard GxuillasThe globetrotting Chef Bernard Guillas is the long-time, beloved Executive Chef of the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club and The Marine Room (oceanfront) in La Jolla. He’s also San Diego’s energetic culinary ambassador to the World. He just back from the 10th Annual Cayman Cookout with Le Bernardin’s Eric Ripert.

Since 1941, one symbol has stood for the most exquisite dining experience in San Diego. The Seahorse symbol of The Marine Room.

“During this time, The Marine Room has earned countless accolades. Renown critics have described its privileged setting on La Jolla’s finest beach and the thrill of being “eye-level” with the crashing surf at high tide. The culinary artistry of Executive Chef Bernard Guillas and Chef de Cuisine Ron Oliver has been called “world-class” for its devotion to fresh seafood, seasonal variety, hand-selected local ingredients and award-winning desserts. Others have defined the experience as “sophistication with a sense of delight.” But our greatest satisfaction comes simply from serving our guests – who come to celebrate the joy of life with good company, a perfectly-prepared meal, and a golden Pacific sunset to call their own.”

We’re long overdue for a chat with Chef Bernard. He also generously shares the La Jolla & San Diego restaurants he personally recommends.


Show 241, September 16, 2017: Catalina Offshore Products 40th Anniversary

Tommy GomesForty years ago, Catalina Offshore Products owner Dave Rudie spent most of his days diving for sea urchins and seaweed in the kelp beds of Catalina Island, selling his harvest right off his boat. Eventually he opened a small processing facility in San Diego, making local deliveries throughout the region and later exporting to Japan. Catalina Offshore Products has since grown steadily into one of the region’s premier seafood purveyors and one of the largest seafood buyers in San Diego.

Catalina’s Choice Solid Pack Tuna in Olive Oil (new product) features U.S. hook-and-line bigeye and yellowfin, both also referred to as “ahi”.

This premium, responsibly harvested tuna is wild caught in the Eastern Pacific by U.S. fishing vessels, landed in San Diego and processed and packed in the USA. Hand-cut and cooked once, it is all natural, with no additives or preservatives.

Though Catalina Offshore Products fresh, local, sustainably sourced tuna has always been a big seller, canning any unsold product enables them to ensure the precious resource is even more well-managed. Additionally, it celebrates San Diego’s beloved history. The city was once known as the “Tuna Capital of the World”!

Tirelessly passionate about seafood, Catalina Offshore Products resident fishmonger, Tommy Gomes, is our guest. Tommy also oversees COP’s busy Seafood Nutrition and Education Center, which includes the retail fish market!


Show 228, June 17, 2017: Brandon Hernandez, Food, Wine & Craft Beer Journalist, San Diego

Brandon HernandezBrandon Hernandez is a savvy local beer, food & wine journalist based in San Diego. He contributes to a bevy of publications including Celebrator Beer News, USA Today, San Diego Union Tribune and San Diego Magazine. Brandon joins us with an expert’s overview of the dynamic and evolving San Diego craft beer scene.

We’ll tap the keg on the new Urge Common House in San Marcos, San Diego’s first organic brewery, the best beers to pair with chili and lots more.



Show 207, January 21, 2017: Anita Lau, “Diary of a Mag Hungry Woman” Blogger

Anita Lau of Mad Hungry WomanOur regular Contributor on the San Diego dining scene, Anita Lau, The Mad Hungry Woman blogger, joins us. She will provide us with the tempting highlights of her Best Meal” of 2016.

Surprisingly (because Orange County is her regular beat) It turns out to be the destination restaurant in a boutique hotel in Downtown San Diego! A new executive chef is stirring the pot there with the unexpected addition of some Filipino ingredients.

Think Venison Tartare…

“Venison Tartare ($16) catches my eye, and rightly so! The tartare is meticulously seasoned with horseradish, grain mustard and mustard flowers. Rye croutons, and barrel-aged Worcestershire sauce add another flavor dimension, but it is cured egg yolk grated into the venison mixture that enhances ever so subtly. Hands down one of the best tartares I’ve ever eaten!”


Show 202, December 17, 2016: Chef Bernard Guillas, Executive Chef. Director of Food & Beverage, La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club

Bernard GxuillasThe Dean of French Chefs in San Diego is Maitre Cuisiner de France Bernard Guillas the executive chef of the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club, the Shores Restaurant at the La Jolla Shores Hotel, and the landmark AAA, 4-Diamoind Award Marine Room Restaurant. His new book (with The Marine Room’s Chef de Cuisine Ron Oliver) is Two Chefs, One Catch – A Culinary Exploration of Seafood. Chef Bernard is our guest.

Following the success of their self-published, IACP award-winning Flying Pans: Two Chefs, One World, Chefs Bernard and Ron Oliver are back at it again with this stunning cookbook. This useful compendium of more than 120 delectable fish, shellfish, and crustacean recipes is organized by species and accompanied by expert tips on selection and preparation. Engaging anecdotes and stories convey the chefs’ culinary expertise and insatiable culinary curiosity.

With this impressive cookbook Chef Bernard promises seafood cookery in your home kitchen will be both easy and rewarding. The recipes are high in nutrition, low in fat, and astounding in flavor. “You can now sail the seven seas without needing a passport.”


Show 196, November 5, 2016: J.M. Woody Van Horn, General Manager, Javier Plascencia’s Bracero Cocina de Raiz, San Diego

JM Woody Von HornFor James Beard Foundation Award semifinalist Javier Plascencia, the U.S. – Mexico Border is not a barrier between two countries, but rather the inspiration for his signature Baja Peninsula cuisine.

On September 30th Chef Javier presented his Bracero Cocina de Raiz dinner at the James Beard Foundation in Manhattan. On Tuesday night, Nov. 1st. Chef Javier recreated that special 5-course menu at Bracero in San Diego as a benefit for the San Diego Chapter of the American Institute of Wine & Food. Chef Javier was actually there in the kitchen working the line. Each course was paired with a Palloni wine from Baja.

Bracero’s GM J.M. Woody Van Horn (a previous AIWF scholarship recipient) shares that incredible evening with us.


Show 196, November 5, 2016: Bernard Guillas, Executive Chef, Director of Food and Beverage, La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club, The Marine Room, La Jolla

Bernard GxuillasThe Dean of French Chefs in San Diego is Maitre Cuisiner de France Bernard Guillas the executive chef of the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club, the Shores Restaurant at the La Jolla Shores Hotel, and the landmark AAA, 4-Diamond Award Marine Room Restaurant.

Guillas has been invited as guest chef to the prestigious James Beard House in New York on many occasions. Selected as San Diego’s “Best Chef” numerous times, including the Gold Medallion Awards (California Restaurant Association, San Diego Chapter), Chef Magazine, San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles Magazine Readers Poll and San Diego Magazine People’s and Critic’s Choice, Guillas continues to infuse the local culinary scene with his unique talent and engaging personality.

His 2nd well-received cookbook is Two Chefs, One CatchA Culinary Exploration of Seafood. It’s a great holiday gift with delectable seafood recipes inspired by indigenous cuisine from around the globe ! Incredibly, Chef Bernard has traveled to 50 plus countries thus far!

Chef Guillas is also participating in 3 events (including the Ocean-To-Table Luncheon at The Marine Room & Dinner with Culinary Icons) as part of the upcoming San Diego Bay Wine + Food Festival running November 14th to 20th.

Chef Bernard is our guest.


Show 184, August 13, 2016: Rachel Klemek, Blackmarket Bakery, Costa Mesa and Santa Ana

Rachel Klemek of Blackmarket Bakery and the CampRachel Klemek’s Blackmarket Bakery is a home-grown institution in The Camp in Costa Mesa and now in Santa Ana, too, in the Santora Building. Her newest location, in the City of San Diego, will launch soon. Rachel also has a pop-up at The OC Fair in the OC Promenade through August 14th. It’s time for our annual visit with baker, Rachel Klemek.

Chef Rachel, grew up in the South, influenced by her two sugar-loving Grandmas. Baking and eating cookies, Bojangles (biscuits), breads and other delicacies were forms of communication, a way of showing — and sharing — family love. After experimentation and hands on experience in the industry, she attended the Culinary Institute of America, Napa Valley, in Baking & Pastry, graduating at the top of her class.

In 2004, she struck out on her own, founding Blackmarket Bakery in an inauspicious industrial space in Irvine, CA. Since then, her product line, legend and lore have grown. Her incredible cakes, cookies, brownies made from wine flour and fresh breads are just a few items that showcase Chef Rachel’s culinary playfulness.  Her new egg sandwiches have also generated a loyal following.

Furthering her goal of empowering the community with quality, Blackmarket Bakery offers a selection of fresh, whole-food based items that are pleasing to the body and the mind.  By using fundamentals – butter, flour, sugar, eggs (all black market goods during WWII) – Chef Rachel focuses on delivering what the community is missing.



Show 183, August 6, 2016: Celebrity Fair Food Concessionaire, “Chicken” Charlie Boghosian

Chicken Charlie BoghosianThe OC Fair in Costa Mesa continues through August 14th. What’s new in Fair Food? We’ll chat with “Chicken Charlie” Boghosian, a pioneer in fair food favorites. You just might call him the “King” of fried fair food! He invented the deep-fried Oreo, still his favorite deep-fried creation.

In the just concluded Fair Food Competition, The Concessionaire’s Cup, Charlie was awarded Gold medals for his bacon-wrapped fried chicken leg (Best Fried Food) and for his Maui Bowl (Ethnic Category.)

New for Chicken Charlie this year is the clever Chicken In a Waffle On a Stick, and Escargot and Caviar Doritos.

Away from the Summer Fair circuit “Chicken Charlie” Boghosian has a year-round restaurant in San Diego. It’s Chicken Charlie’s FryBQ.


Show 176, June 18, 2016: Chef Maeve Rochford, Sugar and Scribe, La Jolla, CA

Mauve Rochford“Be Sweet. Be Tempted.”

Chef Maeve Rochford is the proprietress of the ever-popular Sugar & Scribe Bakery Café in La Jolla. She is also the winner of Food Network’s “Holiday Baking Championship” and the cool $50,000 cash prize. Chef Maeve is our guest.

“Born an only child in Cincinnati, Ohio to an Irish-born mother and third generation German Father, Maeve’s life was destined to be greatly influenced by food! She attended an all-girls high school, St. Ursula Academy, and rowed her way into college. After graduating from Boston University on a rowing scholarship, Maeve started her career quest!”

“After college Maeve struggled to settle on a direction. She checked out a few career paths in NYC and then spent several months in South Africa. While cooking dinner for the family she was living with in Walvis Bay, it finally became clear: “I’M A CHEF!” Looking back, Maeve realized she had been on this path since she was two. She moved to Los Angeles and landed her first job as a private chef. It was Maeve’s husband’s career that brought her to San Diego.”

“With the move, Maeve started all over again, but this time she followed her passion, threw caution to the wind, and in the middle of a major recession, opened Sugar and Scribe, a small upscale bakery in Pacific Beach on a shoestring budget. Sugar and Scribe launched in November 2010. The current Sugar and Scribe location opened in La Jolla in February of 2015.”

“Maeve’s love of food and the memories that great foods inspire drive her to create morsels of excellence every day. “I think my keen understanding of flavor combinations comes from mixing leftovers, never being afraid of food and loving the experience of cooking. When I’m happy, I eat. When I’m sad, I eat. When I’m angry, I eat. So it’s important to have great food for every emotion!””