Show 268, April 7, 2018: Farley Elliott, Senior Editor, Eater LA Part Two

Farley ElliottFarley Elliott is the Senior Editor of Eater Los Angeles, a widely-followed digital publication that covers all things restaurant-related in Southern California and aims to break restaurant news. Since he joined Eater over 3-years ago the site has more than doubled in size.

He is also the author of the well-received book, Los Angeles Street Food: A History From Tamaleros to Taco Trucks, and has spent years chronicling the often fast-moving, make-or-break food scene in the city. He regularly appears on television, radio, and in print as one of the California’s foremost dining authorities.

Farley has written extensively for LA Weekly, Westways, KCET and SeriousEats.

For Eater LA Farley typically pens five articles a day, five days a week. He does not do “reviews.” He covers topics like breaking news (openings/closings), trend reports on the industry, significant issues including sexual assault, wage slavery and immigration. Farley also contributes features on the history and importance of restaurants in greater Southern California, from San Bernardino to San Luis Obispo to Orange County and beyond.


Show 155, January 16, 2016: Suzanne Baird, Ventura Visitors & Convention Bureau

Suzanne Baird of the Ventura Visitors and Convention Bureau and Andy HarrisWhat do fine wine, a perfect surf break, more than 250 days of sunshine and Perry Mason all have in common? You can find each of them in laid-back, yet quietly sophisticated seaside hamlet of Ventura, California. Nestled between the Ventura and Santa Clara rivers this formerly isolated enclave is a refreshing and dynamic coastal California vacation destination.

Ventura’s several miles of pristine, uncrowded beaches are some of the State’s finest, and surfing spots from Rincon Beach to Surfer’s Point are legendary among surfers. Off the coast lies the Channel Islands often seemingly close enough to touch. These rugged outposts provide breathtaking hiking opportunities above the waves and world class diving below.

Ventura’s dining scene thrives thanks to Artisan chefs setting up eateries that celebrate California’s abundance of fresh local seafood, produce and eclectic fare. With wine country in their backyard, acres and acres of fresh crops grown locally, and multi-cultural influences, it’s no wonder Ventura and its restaurants have been popping up in publications like Gourmet, Sunset and Westways.

In the walkable Downtown Ventura you’ll also find the original San Buenaventura Mission founded in 1782 by Father Junipero Serra.

Suzanne Baird with the Ventura Visitors & Convention Bureau is out guide.