Ask The Chef

Chef Andrew Gruel of Big Parm and the Calico Fish House

Can you prepare a premium steak to juicy and tender deliciousness with eye appeal in a microwave oven? Strong opinions here… We’ll “Ask the Chef.” Continue reading

Descanso Turns Five

Jose Angula of Descanso Restaurant

Descanso Restaurant, a modern taqueria located in Costa Mesa, celebrated its five year Anniversary in November. The first concept of its kind, Descanso’s unique and award-winning Plancha dining experience elevated the Mexican eatery to the top of Orange County’s dining scene shortly after opening in the fall of 2018. Proprietor Rob Arellano and Executive Chef Jose Angulo join us with a Quinta Fiesta libation at the ready. Continue reading

Golden Beet Salad

Golden Beet Vinegret Salad by Anna Voloshyna

This traditional Slavic beet salad is called vinegret. I came up with this version of the recipe when I ran out of red beets and fresh onions. I found a few golden beets and a jar of pickled red onions in my fridge, and I decided to give it a go. The salad came out so vibrant and beautiful that now I make this version more often than the traditional one. Continue reading