Ask The Chef

Chef Andrew Gruel savoring a New Jersey style Pizza

We’re returning to the conversation about Virtual / Ghost Kitchens. What started as an incubator for entrepreneurial restaurateurs to test a food concept on a budget has morphed into something altogether different and, seemingly, on the decline. Chef Andrew will talk about “Ballpark Bites” for delivery. Continue reading

A Restaurateur’s Memoir

Bob Spivak of Grill Concepts

In Saved by A Blonde & A Chicken Pot Pie – A Restaurateur’s Memoir, restaurateur Bob Spivak (The Grill on the Alley in Beverly Hills, The Daily Grills and Public School Restaurant + Bar recounts growing up in the restaurant business, how athletics and ingenuity helped him succeed despite living with dyslexia, and the lunch meeting that changed the course of his life, personally and professionally. Bob Spivak (retired) joins us with a chicken pot pie at the ready. Continue reading

Napa Cabbage Rolls

Umami-Rich Napa Cabbage Rolls Stuffed with Rice and Pork

This delicious Asian-tilting riff on stuffed cabbage rolls uses fragrant jasmine rice, napa cabbage, and a brothy brown sauce enriched by oyster sauce and toasted sesame oil instead of a tomato-based one. A splash of fish sauce in the porky filling boosts the meaty-savory effect. The result is rich beyond compare, and ever-so-delicately sweet to match the cabbage goodness. We love it with a dollop of chili crisp for extra crunchy umami and heat. Bonus: For anyone who has ever struggled with prying the leaves off a head of regular green cabbage, you’ll be delighted with the ease of working with the napa variety—though we’ve provided instructions for both.  Continue reading