Marché Moderne

Marche Moderne in South Coast Plaza Costa Mesa

This elegant and welcoming establishment with a serene hidden patio is celebrating it’s 6th anniversary. It’s truly a labor of love for gracious husband & wife owners, Florent and Amelia Marneau. It’s a modern French bistro serving market-inspired ingredients artfully … Continue reading

Ask The Brewers

Victor Novak and Steven Torres

This Saturday, It’s the return of our thirst quenching “Ask the Brewers” segment. Joining us is Golden Road Brewing’s acclaimed Brewmaster, Victor Novak, and Anaheim Head Brewer, Steven Torres. Barrel-aged beer is a popular trend on the craft beer scene. We’ll find out what it’s all about. Also Baja-style lagers are appearing in local craft breweries. Continue reading

Flavors of Thai Town

Flavors of Thai Town from Melting Pot Food Tours

Take an exciting tour of Thai Town in Los Angeles! Savvy food tourists can now personally experience that same, ultimate, insiders' tour, previously available only to prominent journalists and distinguished visiting chefs with celebrity chef and national culinary personality Jet Tila as their personal guide.

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