Show 97, November 15, 2014: Simon Majumdar

Simon MajumdarYou know food historian Simon Majumdar as the no-nonsense judge on Food Network’s hit series, “Cutthroat Kitchen” with Alton Brown. Majumdar’s new food series, “EAT: The Story of Food” launches Friday, November 21st @ 9:00 p.m. PST on National Geographic Channel. The show examines how food impacts societies throughout history.

“This is a wonderful way to look at the world because it’s so universal.” Majumdar said. “As I’ve travelled around the world I’ve seen how much food impacts every society and every period in history, and how much it impacts the world we live in today”

“Traveling around the United States over the past year, I saw that it’s a country that finds lots of ways to argue with each other – over religion, guns, politics, you name it. But once you have a meal with someone in their home, it becomes a different equation. I always say it’s hard to have an argument with someone when you have a mouthful of ribs. I think if we all are together, we’d probably have a better society.”

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