Show 107, January 24, 2015: Chef Gary Arabia of the GC Marketplace & Global Cuisine Continues…

Gary ArabiaChef Gary Arabia, the long-running caterer to the stars, has operated the elevated food and beverage operation on The Lot (previously known as Warner Brothers Hollywood, a facility with a lot of rich history that has been restored and enhanced) in Hollywood for 15 years. It’s also the base for his busy catering and event production firm, Global Cuisine by Gary Arabia.

Global Cuisine is the only restaurant on a working studio lot where the public can dine for breakfast or lunch. An advance reservation is needed.

Oprah Winfrey (a certified foodie) has her base there and George Clooney is on The Lot right now shooting as feature.

Arabia’s latest venture is the impressive and ambitious GC Marketplace. It’s a gourmet specialty food store and restaurant all under one roof. One of the attractions is a 12-seat marble Chef’s Table located in the intimate kitchen.

“GC Marketplace is 30 years in the making,” observes Arabia. “The concept is a culmination of everything I love and the vision was to create a luxury shop, with the finest products and ingredients available. A place where people can come together to dine, grab something quick to go, or gather all the items they may need to create the perfect occasion at home.”


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