Show 108, January 31, 2015: Kristine Kidd’s Gluten-Free Baking

Kristine KiddCookbook author Kristine Kidd was previously the distinguished food editor at Bon Appetit magazine for 20 years. Her eighth book is Gluten-Free Baking.

Her childhood celiac disease resurfaced recently and this book (and the prior Weeknight Gluten Free) are a result of her glorious experimentation in the kitchen. The new book features 80 recipes that are naturally gluten-free and just as tempting and tasty as traditional baked goods.

After adopting a gluten-free diet due to an intolerance, Kristine gave up bread and many pastries because the gluten-free options were coarse, dry, and lacking in flavor. She set out to work developing recipes in her own kitchen, exploring an array of gluten-free whole grains with the goal to create treats with great flavor and texture.

She focused on slightly sweet, protein rich sorghum flour; earthy buckwheat flour; millet; oats; quinoa; and almond meal and began baking delicious breakfast pastries like scones and fresh berry muffins, holiday desserts like sweet spiced pumpkin pie, and artisanal breads like olive and sage flatbread and whole-grain walnut bread. Her personal success mastering these ingredients in the kitchen led to writing Gluten-Free Baking.



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