Show 109, February 7, 2015: Julie Margolin, Director of Food & Beverage Services, Honda Center

Standing O at Honda CenterJulie Margolin is the Honda Center’s busy Director of Food & Beverage Services. Before joining Honda Center Margolin was with Levy Restaurants as part of the opening team at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Over 500 employees are part of the food and beverage operations there. Honda Center is one of the few facilities in the country who runs their own food and beverage operations. It’s a massive undertaking and costly. This was done strictly to improve the quality of the food and beverage program there.

Julie explains that during the Ducks (Hockey) season guests might be at the Honda Center three to four times per week. That requires a lot of variety on their menus!

She works alongside Honda Center’s Executive Chef, Jo-Jo Doyle. Julie joins us to talk about what’s new for the current season including the menu in Standing “O”. Getting a lot of attention is the one-pound Meatball served over Penne at the new Bowl’d Over located at Section 433. Also there is a newly opened Wahoo’s Fish Taco at Honda Center. They are a new franchisee of Wahoo’s.

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