Show 127, June 20, 2015: Chef-Owner David Guas, Bayou Bakery, Coffee Bar & Eatery

Chef David GuasChef David Guas (Bayou Bakery, Coffee Bar & Eatery, Arlington, Virginia) knows how to get your grill going with the publication of Grill Nation – 200 Surefire Recipes, Tips, and Techniques to Grill Like a Pro. You know him as the host of Travel Channel’s “American Grilled.”

Chef Guas knows how to get your grill going, and once that fire is roaring, he expertly demystifies the complexities of outdoor cooking by offering pit-proven tips and techniques and step-by-step instructions for every skill level. After mastering the basics, get the grill fired up and discover in Grill Nation a crowd-pleasing collection of recipes ranging from grilled mains – beef, pork, chicken, fish and game – to fired-up sides, salads, and even desserts.

In a homage to the Brown Derby’s classic Cobb Salad, Chef David has created the “Smoky Chopped Salad with Avocado.” Look for it in the “Salads and Sides” Chapter. How’s that for creatively adapting a Los Angeles classic ?

“Armed with this collection, home cooks everywhere will now have the tools, tips, and recipes to become a grill master in their very own backyard. Written with broad knowledge and a masterful eye, and illustrated throughout with more than 125 luscious color photographs, Grill Nation delivers delectable dishes that are sure to inspire grilling year-round.”

We’re going to master the flame with Chef David Guas.

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