Show 134, August 8, 2015: Sal Maniaci, Proprietor, Pizzeria Sapori, Newport Beach

Sal ManiaciThe very hands-on Sal Maniaci has presided over Sapori Ristorante in Newport Beach for over 25 years. There is a lot to be said for longevity in a very tough market.

He had a good pizza on the menu but wasn’t quite satisfied with it. Using his Italian roots (he’s from Sicily) for inspiration he researched wood-fired Neapolitan pizza and the result is Pizzeria Sapori adjacent to Sapori Ristorante. It features, of course, traditional Italian Neapolitan-style pizza baked in a wood-fired oven imported from Naples.

What truly sets Pizzeria Sapori apart from others is the science behind the pizza dough. Sal and his team use a “mother” dough from a strain of yeast that is 80 years old. It is incorporated into each and every batch of dough, which they allow to mature for 72 hours. The result is a far superior crust – one that is soft yet crispy, thin but slightly chewy.

You’ll hear from Sal himself what an incredible process making the dough is!


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