Show 143, October 24, 2015: Food Historian Richard Foss

Richard FossCulinary Historian Richard Foss is also the California Curator for both The Southern Food & Beverage Museum (home of The Museum of the American Cocktail) and Pacific Food & Beverage. His new book is Food in Air and Space: The Surprising History of Food and Drink in The Skies. There was a time when dining in the sky was actually a true gourmet experience.

Richard shares the stories of the first libations in the air as well as the first meals. He also explains why airline food morphed from extraordinary to dull. In part this was motivated by one executive’s observation about leftover olives on salads. This then became the motivation for budget cutting on food costs along with deregulation…Oops!

The always colorful Richard Foss is our guest.

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