Show 150, December 12, 2015: Ray Magnussen, Lechuza Winery, Guadalupe Valley, Baja

Ray Magnussen One of the promising, up-and-coming wineries in the Guadalupe Valley in Northern Baja is Lechuza, founded in 2005. It’s owned by Ray Magnussen (with his wife, Patty) who is also the hands-on winemaker. They are Americans.

“Lechuza” is Spanish for “burrowing ground owl.” This bird frequents the Lechuza vineyard property. The modest vineyard estate is adjacent to Laja, one of the most well-reviewed restaurants in Baja, California.

Lechuza currently offers Lechuza Amantes (Blend), Lechuza Cabernet Sauvignon, Lechuza Nebbiolo, Lerchuza Merlot, Lechuza Tempranillo and Lechuza Grenache Rose. The Amantes is also affectionately known at the winery as “The Wedding Blend.” When the Magnussen’s daughter was married she chose the Amanates to serve at the reception.

The winery and tasting room at Lechuza is open to visitors by appointment. The Magnussen’s particularly look forward to welcoming American guests.

Other restaurants in the Valley that the Magnussen’s recommend are Deckman’s En El Mogor, Finca Altozano and Hacienda Guadalupe.

Their wines are conveniently available on-line via their San Diego-based distributor

We’ll meet Ray.

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