Show 176, June 18, 2016: Jim Cascone, Huntington Meats and Farmers Market Poultry, Los Angeles

Jim CasconeIt’s a good sign of the times. The old-fashioned, full-service, neighborhood butcher shop is back in fashion. This is where you can source the exact cut of meat or poultry that you need and get expert advice from a master butcher who also knows how to prepare and cook everything they sell. What a concept.

Master butcher Jim Cascone of Huntington Meats and Farmers Market Poultry at The Original Farmers Market at Third & Fairfax in Los Angeles brings us up-to-date.

Located at the Farmer’s Market at 3rd and Fairfax since 1986, Huntington Meats is proud to offer the finest quality meats and sausages.

“A true old-fashioned butcher shop, Huntington Meats offers traditional roasts, steaks, chops, ground beef and much more. You’ll discover an astonishing selection of sausages here (Cajun, three-cheese, chicken sausage, Italian from mild to Wow! and many more). For parties, select a variety to barbecue so everyone can have a taste! Huntington is also one of the city’s exclusive purveyors of Harris Ranch meats.”

They also offer educational classes.

Find them at Stall 350.

Jim Cascone of Huntington Meats has also taken flight with the experts at Farmers Market Poultry. The chicken here is more flavorful than any found on freezer shelves in chain stores, the turkey comes from several exceptional purveyors (try the ground turkey as an outstanding substitute for ground beef), and fresh eggs and exotic fowl are also readily available. Find them at Stall 216.

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