Show 22, March 23, 2013: Jeff & Christa Duggan of Portola Coffee Lab, Theorem by Portola Coffee Lab, and Seventh Tea Bar in the OC Mart Mix in Costa Mesa (Continued…)

Jeff and Christa Duggan of Portola Coffee Lab in Costa MesaAs Jeff was talking he ground the freshly-roasted beans and then began the brewing process for the ideal cup using a simple glass, pour-over brewer. He weighted the beans and water and put the ground beans in the top glass funnel (lined with filter paper.) The water was heated to the right temperature and then gently poured into the brewer over the beans. The fresh coffee then slowly dripped into the glass holding vessel. The aroma in the studio was incredible!

Last year Theorem by Portola Coffee Lab was added around the corner from Portola. You might call it their performance space. It’s a 6-seat bar presenting a Barista-crafted menu of one-of-a-kind Craft Coffee creations focused on delivering a rich, personal experience. At times Theorem is by appointment only for private tastings and is also open to the public without reservations at other times when the sliding glass doors are open. Call first…

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