Show 225, May 27, 2017: Chef & Restaurateur, Geraldine Gilliland, Santa Monica

Geraldine GilliliandLong-time Santa Monica restaurateur Chef Geraldine Gilliland is represented there on Main Street with Lula Cocina and Finn McCool’s. The Lula Cocina Cookbook has just been released in paperback. Proceeds benefit Gerri’s 501 (c) 3 animal rescue agency. We’ll meet her.

With The Lula Cocina Cookbook – My favorite Recipes, from Mexico to Malibu, chef, author and accomplished restaurateur Geraldine Gilliland takes you on a fun, easy to read tour of her favorite recipes from Mexico, all the way to her hilltop Ranch in Malibu

Learn not only her best recipes, but how to put your own spin on them to create your own signature dishes…all while helping a great cause.

Gerri doesn’t neglect her signature potent libations in the Lula book. The first chapter is “Beverages & Cocktails.” Look for the coveted recipes for The Signature “Lula” Margarita and the “Americana” variation.

“All proceeds from this book will go to benefit the non-profit, Chiquita’s Friends,” I founded that is dedicated to helping abused, neglected and abandoned dogs in and around the Southern California area. We have rescued and successfully placed over 1,000 dogs in loving homes with the help of this network of allies in the fight against animal negligence and abuse.” Geraldine Gilliland

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