Show 370, April 25, 2020: Alycia Harshfield, Executive Director, The CRA Foundation, for Restaurants Care

Alycia Harshfield of the California Restaaurant Association“While The California Restaurant Association Foundation has been around for more than three decades, the inspiration for Restaurants Care came just a few years ago in 2015. Jose, a cook in Sacramento, was struck in a hit and run on his way home after a late-night shift. He suffered a broken back, amongst other life-threatening injuries. The doctors at UC Davis Medical Center didn’t expect him to live.”

“The restaurant community came together and raised money to support Jose while he recovered. At that moment, The CRA Foundation knew that something bigger had to happen. Restaurants Care was created to take care of the most vulnerable in the hospitality industry in California.”

“At present, due to The Foundation’s current resources, Restaurants Care grants are focused on restaurant workers who are diagnosed with coronavirus or those who have been quarantined with a Doctor’s note.”

We’ll get all the details from Alycia Harshfield, Executive Director of the CRA Foundation.

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