Show 376, June 6, 2020: Craig Camp, General Manager & Winegrower, Troon Vineyard, Applegate Valley, Oregon Part One

Craig Camp of Troon VineyardsTroon Vineyard estate wines, from Oregon’s Applegate Valley, are inspired by the wines of the Mediterranean coasts of Southern Europe. Place names like Madiran, Cahors, Bandol, Languedoc and Sardegna have provided the varieties which shine in their vineyards high in the Siskiyou Mountains. The winery is Demeter Biodynamic® and Organic Certified.

“Troon Vineyard is dedicated to regenerative agriculture and we practice Biodynamic® agriculture in our quest to put back more than we take from our plants and soils. We believe the only route to memorable wines, that reflect the terroir of where they were grown, is to be found in the healthy soils and vines that are the foundation of Biodynamic® agriculture. This philosophy continues in the cellar where our winemaking is minimalist and we use only native yeasts with no additives to ferment our wines and eschew the use of new oak barrels to reveal each nuance of wines grown in Oregon’s Applegate Valley.”

General Manager & Winegrower Craig Camp joins us to pull the cork on Troon Vineyard.

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