Show 39, September 7, 2013: Biff Naylor, proprietor of Du-par’s Restaurants & Bakeries

Biff Naylor of Dupar'sIn 2004 Naylor came out of a brief retirement to purchase and revive the surviving Du-par’s Restaurants & Bakeries. The first location at The Original Farmers Market (opened in 1938) remains after a massive renovation and needed refurbishment. They are particularly well-known for incredible pancakes and house-baked fruit pies.

The Naylor Family represents three generations of career hospitality folks. Daughter, Jennifer, was the executive chef for many years at Wolfgang Puck’s Granita in Malibu. One of Jennifer’s key chefs is now the corporate executive chef for Du-Par’s. Most everything is made from scratch using premium ingredients.

If you sit at the counter at a Du-par’s you’ll see servers squeezing the fresh orange juice to order.

There is even a very busy Du-par’s in Downtown Las Vegas in the landmark Golden Gate Casino & Hotel. It’s actually the highest grossing restaurant per square foot (2,500 sq. ft.) in Las Vegas!

They are famous for their ever popular “to-go” chilled shrimp cocktail which is actually a clever loss-leader designed to attract guests to the casino. The true food cost of the shrimp in the all-shrimp cocktail (no fillers) actually exceeds the retail cost!

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