Show 397, October 31, 2020: Filmmaker Paul Feig introducing Artingstall’s Brilliant London Dry Gin

“Designed by Hollywood luminary Paul Feig (“Bridesmaids,”) ARTINGSTALL’S Brilliant London Dry Gin is a perfectly-balanced gin for aficionados and casual consumers alike. Its eleven carefully chosen botanicals all synchronize to make ARTINGSTALL’S Brilliant London Dry Gin as unique, refined and entertaining as its creator.”

“I’ve never met a gin I didn’t like – but I never met one that I truly loved … Until I made my own.” – Paul Feig

Paul is a dedicated cocktail aficionado and the camaraderie it generates. A proper martini (in Paul’s bartender lexicon) is only made with gin and should be stirred and not shaken and served ice-cold. Feig notes that vigorous shaking tends to dilute (as the ice melts) the strength of the martini.

During the initial “stay safely at home” period of Covid 19 Paul created and hosted a spirited cocktail show on his Instagram, Quarantine Cocktail Time. In each episode he demonstrated (with a dash of humor) the preparation of a new cocktail and spotlighted a worthy charity impacted by the health crisis. Initially Paul created one episode a day for 100 straight days. The library of shows is available on Paul’s Instagram.

Paul gently pulls the artfully designed stopper on the Artingstall’s Gin for us.

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