Show 406, January 2, 2021: Alina Tompert, Baker-in-Chief, Zimt Bakery, Long Beach Part One

Alina Tompert of ZIMT BakeryAlina Tompert the “Baker-in-Chief” at her Zimt Bakery in Long Beach (premium German-style cookies adapted from old world family recipes) is an excellent example of a successful, licensed Cottage Food Operation that allows the creation and sale of specific low-risk food products from a private home kitchen. All Platzchen and Guadsle treats from Zimt are crafted from sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients.

For our furry friends there is a line of safe and natural dog treats under the banner of Plätzchen for Paws. They are peanut butter and pumpkin based and bone-shaped.

“At Zimt, our mission is to do good for our planet and our community while providing you with delicious, beautiful, and ethical treats based on family recipes passed down through generations.”

“Zimt stands for more than just its baked goods. We know that food brings people together, and want to elevate that experience by lovingly crafting each of our Plätzchen by hand with the best ingredients. We proudly source everything from our ingredients to packaging to kitchen equipment from companies that are dedicated to sustainability and equity.”

“A traditional German holiday treat, with roots in Oma’s (Grandmother’s) recipes, taking a bite of one of our delicate Plätzchen takes you on a trip through time. From our traditional holiday boxes to our modern seasonal hearts, you can taste the love that has been poured into these little delicacies for generations. Our seasonal flavors are a modern take on Plätzchen and an homage to our German-American roots, making them fit for any occasion year-round and incorporating some fun cross-cultural favorite flavors. So what are you waiting for? Let’s spread some love!”

Alina Tompert joins us with cookie cutter in hand.

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