Show 413, February 20, 2021: Trevor Faris, Proprietor, Hank’s Bagels – Sherman Oaks & Burbank

Trevor Faris of Hanks Bagels

We’re bagel obsessed in Southern California so a new, independent bagel shop really needs to stand out to get attention in an already crowded and highly discriminating marketplace. Hank’s Bagels (Hank’s…a deli of sorts) is the creation of Chef Trevor Faris and the original, tiny Burbank location opened without fanfare in late 2019. 

His hand-rolled bagels and spreads, along with a full menu of mouth-watering bagel sandwiches earned early word-of-mouth fame. Many days they sold out of bagels by the early afternoon. Demand has been so great that Chef Trevor opened a much larger, commissary location on Ventura Blvd. late last year to keep up. Chefs rave about these bagels and sandwiches.

The assortment of handmade bagels includes plain, poppy, sesame, salt, cinnamon raisin, onion, rosemary sea salt and everything. Spreads range from Scallion to Vegan Cream Cheese plus Lox. A popular Bagel Sandwich is the No. 2 with crispy fried egg, braised greens, gruyere, pickled peppers and aioli.

Chef Travis joins us with the bagel briefing.

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