Show 420, April 10, 2021: Web Designer and Developer Adam Bell of dataTV

Adam Bell of dataTV

Adam Bell, the founder of dataTV established in 1996, is the “SoCal Restaurant Show’s” accomplished, long -time web designer, webmaster and all-around social media guru. He relocated to Los Angeles from New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. His wide range of clients includes Chef Jet Tila, Café du Monde and the International Food Wine and Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA).

As restaurants are slowly regrouping and reestablishing their enterprises Adam has some sound (and easy to follow) advice to share regarding the importance of having a useful and easy to navigate website with speedy page loading. Social media is vitally important and useful but it doesn’t replace the need for an informative website.

There are now also new and affordable means for restaurant patrons to order online without engaging the mega delivery apps.

Adam has a history of being genuinely helpful to small, independent restaurants with initial consultations with no strings attached (particularly during the ongoing) pandemic. This is not a solicitation for new business (fortunately Adam is very busy talking care of existing clients) but he graciously made the offer of evaluating the existing website of an independent restaurant that asks on a gratis basis. Adam can be contacted via Email.

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