Show 422, April 24, 2021: Chef Jet Tila, Cookbook Author, Culinary Educator and Food TV Personality Part Two

Jet Tila and a heritage pig at Cochon 555 in 2013

Celebrity Chef, Author and Food TV Personality, Jet Tila, needs no introduction to the listeners of the “SoCal Restaurant Show.” With his wife, Ali, he has written the best-selling 101 Asian Dishes You Need To Cook Before You Die and,most recently, 101 Epic Dishes. Jet’s latest cookbook will be out in January of 2022. It’s a comprehensive guide to Thai cooking at home made easy.

On Food Network Chef Jet was one of the 3 regular judges for the entire run of “Cutthroat Kitchen with Alton Brown” and the knowledgeable Floor Reporter on the most recent season of the refreshed “Iron Chef America.” Earlier in his career he crossed knives with Iron Chef Masaharu Moromoto (an original Iron Chef from the predecessor Japanese version) on “Iron Chef America” in “Battle Seaweed.” In addition to other worthy accomplishments Chef Jet holds the most Guinness World Records for creating large format food.

Just concluded on Sunday nights was Chef Jet competing on Food Network’s “Tournament of Champions” bracket competition series hosted by Guy Fieri. After winning his first round (Number 3 seed) Chef Jet was matched against the highly competitive Antonio Lofaso (Number 2 seed.) For the first time in Tournament history the judges ranked them a tie with the same scores in all three categories. They then competed head-to-head again to determine which cheftestant earned the final spot in the West Coast bracket to go up against (Number 1 seed) Brooke Williamson. How did Chef Jet do ? We’ll find out…

Chef Jet has an exclusive partnership with Pei Wei to bring his creative dishes to you exclusively at your local Pei Wei fast casual restaurant. Southern California locations are in Valencia, Tustin and San Diego’s Mission Valley. For Spring 2021 Chef Jet’s new seasonal creations are House Special Chicken and Mongolian Green Beans.

House Special Chicken features lightly battered chicken with pineapple, ginger, garlic and mint, tossed in a tangy caramel sauce and served over a bed of rice sticks and topped with an Asian slaw of cucumbers, red bell peppers, carrots, cilantro, and onions in a Vietnamese vinaigrette.”

Chef Jet was in Las Vegas last weekend to launch the first two locations of his new fast casual concept, Dragon Tiger Noodle Co. The current operating locations are Southern Highlands and Henderson. A future location will launch in the Rainbow Commons retail center in Spring Valley (Summerlin.)

“At the Dragon Tiger Noodle Co., the choice is yours! You choose the noodle; ramen to low carb, You choose the broth; Tonkotsu to Chinese Chicken Soup, You choose the protein and vegetables; thinly sliced beef to corn. Served fast with only the freshest ingredients.”

Chef Jet Tila continues with us chopsticks at the ready.

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