Show 425, May 15, 2021: Boozehounds Palm Springs with Co-Proprietors Jimmy McGill and Bryan Rogers Part Two

Bryan Rogers and Jerry McGill of Boozehounds in Palm Springs

Boozehounds, is a newly debuted pet-friendly dining, cafe and bar concept in Palm Springs. The 3,812-square-foot restaurant with an additional 1,168-square-foot glass atrium and 2,020-square-foot outdoor lounge is located on bustling N Palm Canyon Drive. Boozehounds features a vibrant design and a welcoming atmosphere with a unique food and beverage menu, including options for dogs. It is poised to quickly become part of Palm Springs’ burgeoning culinary scene.”

“Palm Springs has the best of both worlds when it comes to patrons. There’s a large close-knit local community as well as a massive seasonal and weekend visitor population. We intend to make Boozehounds comfortable for both groups, with a focus on conviviality for all to mingle over a coffee, meal or cocktail,” says co-owner Jimmy McGill.”

“This is a deeply personal project for him and co-owners Bryan Rogers and Steve Piacenza. The concept pays homage to their past and present pets with the logo design inspired by Jimmy and Steve’s beloved dog, Striker. Striker was rescued from the Pasadena Humane Society in 1999 and for 18 years he was more than a four-legged best friend — he was a brother. His memory lives on in Boozehounds.”

“Boozehounds serves globally-inspired, locally influenced dishes including classics with a twist and daily fresh fish selections, with gluten-free and vegan options. Signature dishes include Miso Chilean Fish and Chips, 48 hour miso-marinated Chilean sea bass, beer batter fried, served with root vegetable chips; Sweet “Spot Prawn” Shrimp Ceviche, red Aguachile, Fresno chili, red onions, avocado, and cilantro served with fried shrimp heads; Adobo Chicken, simmered chicken thighs, steamed rice, topped with adobo broth, and side of spiced coconut vinegar; and Slow Roasted Baby Carrots with Almond Milk Sauce, Crispy Farro and Furikake.”

Proprietors Jimmy McGill and Bryan Rogers continue with us, premium dog treats in hand.

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