Show 433, July 10, 2021: Restaurateur Mike Smith, Chicken Ranch, Palm Springs

Mike Smith of Chicken Ranch

For proprietor Mike Smith at Palm Springs’ Chicken Ranch (a locals’ favorite) preparing good food is simple. “It starts with great ingredients sourced from local farms who apply sustainable, eco-friendly standards to their craft. Chicken Ranch’s rotisserie chicken, crisp, delicious salads and savory, succulent sides are prepared carefully and artistically, with respect to seasonal ingredients, flavors and seasonings. Chicken Ranch is committed to keeping it fresh; bringing farm-fresh produce and free-range poultry from local farms to every guest’s plate.”

Chicken Ranch offers full-service with shaded patio seating with misters. Also a full bar with beer, wine, cocktails and spirits. It’s dog friendly.

The ruler of Chicken Ranch’s roost, Mike Smith, joins us.

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