Show 437, August 7, 2021: Hany Ali, Executive Chef, Europa Village Wineries and Resort Part Two

Hany Ali of Europa Village

The well-traveled Hany Ali is the executive chef of Europa Village Wineries and Resort in the heart of the Temecula Valley wine country. His current primary area of responsibility (as the Resort expands with Italian and French winery estates in development) is overseeing the Spanish-accented cuisine at Bolero Restaurante & Cantina at Bolero at Europa Village as well as all the on-site catering and special events. Bolero Restaurante serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily as well as Sunday Brunch.

“Bolero Restaurante takes the guest on a culinary journey throughout the country of Spain—from the humble farm-to-table cuisines of Asturia, to the majesty of modern interpretations coming from San Sebastian or Barcelona. The menus celebrate the centuries-old tradition of dining and drinking together in Tapas style. Whether it is seafood, steak, roasted vegetables, olives, or the finest cheeses and charcuteries in Europe, the meal is shared by all.”

“Born and raised in Egypt, Chef Hany Ali had a passion for the culinary arts at an early age. While Chef Hany was born in Cairo, Egypt, he was raised in a coastal resort city named Hurghada. Hurghada, is best known for its beautiful white sand beaches, fresh seafood, and one of the most popular vacation spots with Europeans. It was an inspiration to a young Hany.”

“After graduation from the International Culinary Institute in Egypt, Chef Hany decided to travel through Europe and Asia exposing his palate to as many different types of cuisines as possible. This allowed him to broaden his talents as a chef and gave him the experience and knowledge needed to begin his career.”

“After over 13 years in the most highly regarded hotels and restaurants in the U.S. Hany found a home in the Temecula Valley Wine Country as the Executive Chef leading the culinary team at Ponte Winery. With a love for the valley, a deep appreciation for each ingredient, and a thirst for unique and thoughtful wine, he hoped his passion was palpable in every plate, sip and bite.”

“With all his many accomplishments, experiences, and rave reviews, Europa Village Wineries and Resort are pleased to have Chef Hany Ali as their Executive Chef and being part of a “food culture that respects local produce, farmers and ranchers.” He showcases that back-to-the-land reverence with farm-fresh valley produce — with some vegetables and herbs harvested just moments beforehand in the kitchen garden out back. But while the sourcing may be local, Chef Hany’s influences are global, resulting in flavorful, inventive border-crossing cuisine. He provides guests with the exceptional service, dedication, and immense love and passion for food that they have come to expect from Europa Village.”

Chef Hany takes a break from his busy kitchens and rejoins us.

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