Show 443, September 18, 2021: Beth Lee of “OMG! Yummy” with The Essential Jewish Baking Cookbook

Beth Lee author of the Essential Jewish Cookbook

“Baking is an integral part of Jewish culture and traditions. Whether you’re making challah for Shabbat, macaroons for Passover or babka for family brunch, The Essential Jewish Baking Cookbook (Rockridge Press) by first time cookbook author and food blogger (OMG! Yummy) Beth Lee helps capture the essence of traditional Jewish baking in your kitchen. It’s filled with 50 classic recipes―those you might remember your bubbe (grandma) or mom whipping up―with clear instructions to help make them successfully every time.”

“With appealing photographs from photographer Annie Martin and stories and recipes representing Ashkenazic, Sephardic, and Mizrahi backgrounds, Essential Jewish Baking celebrates the rich history and warmth of traditional Jewish baked goods.”

“Beth A. Lee grew up on the East Coast before moving to Northern California, far away from the traditional Jewish food she was raised on. She attended the University of California, Berkeley, where she received a degree in business and pursued a marketing career in Silicon Valley.”

“In 2010, Beth realized she preferred pita chips over computer chips and launched her food blog, OMG! Yummy. Through her blog, she reconnected with her love of cooking and her passion for documenting her family’s multicultural food traditions.”

Beth shares her recipe from The Essential Jewish Baking Cookbook for Sweet Challah Rolls with Apple Currant Filling.

Beth Lee is our guest with rolling pin in hand.

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