Show 445, October 2, 2021: Director Patrick Trefz, “Man in The Field : The Life and Art of Jim Denevan” – Documentary

Director Patrick Tretz

If you’re a foodie in good-standing you’ve most likely heard of the ultimate outdoor dining experience, Outstanding in the Field.” These ongoing, one-of-a-kind dining spectaculars (since 1999) are the creation of artist and chef, Jim Denevan. A just released feature documentary, Man In The Field: The Life and Art of Jim Denevan, chronicles his memorable achievements.

““MAN IN THE FIELD” profiles pioneering artist and chef Jim Denevan, founder of “Outstanding in the Field,” a radical alternative to the conventional dining experience. The documentary intimately reveals Denevan’s artistic and culinary gifts with land art in epic geometric formations alongside grand dinners in beautiful natural settings. Instead of bringing the food to the restaurant, “Outstanding in the Field” has brought the restaurant to the food since 1999. Hosted at one long table, with 100 to 1000 guests dining together, Denevan has set tables in vineyards, beaches, meadows, fishing docks, and city streets. Over 120,000 lucky patrons in all 50 states and 16 countries have experienced this once-in-a-lifetime event and now Director Patrick Trefz’s film will allow audiences to experience it too.”

Five “Outstanding in the Field” dinner events will be part of the Los Angeles Times Food Bowl from October 7th to 16th. Locations are as varied as the Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano, Wattles Farm in West Hollywood and the Huntington Beach Pier.

The Director of “Man in The Field,” Patrick Trefz is our guest.

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