Show 447, October 16, 2021: Executive Chef & Partner Timothy Hollingsworth, Otium, Los Angeles Part One

Timothy Hollingsworth of Otium

Otium, launched in late 2015 and recently reopened, is a contemporary restaurant that draws from the rich culinary heritage of Chef Timothy Hollingsworth (ex-The French Laundry.) It is designed to be a social restaurant with an open kitchen merging indoor and outdoor spaces. The restaurant’s name, Otium, has its roots in Latin, a word that is meant to emphasize a place where time can be spent on leisurely social activities.”

“Adjacent to one of Los Angeles’ most important cultural corridors — Grand Avenue — and next to its newest, most vibrant addition, the contemporary art museum, The Broad, Otium strips away the rigid formalities of dining while focusing on the quality of food, warm service, and relaxed casual ambience, paralleling the true essence of its name. The restaurant draws inspiration from the 100-year-old olive trees planted in The Broad’s adjacent Plaza by utilizing rustic cooking with wood fire and sustainable ingredients grown in the garden of the restaurant’s mezzanine.”

“Partner and Chef Timothy Hollingsworth’s 13-year history in Napa Valley, blended with his present roots as an Angeleno living in downtown Los Angeles, sets the stage for an environment of sophisticated rusticity with highly eclectic, vibrant, and seasonal flavors.”

“While working at The French Laundry under Chef Thomas Keller in 2008, Hollingsworth competed in the prestigious Bocuse d’Or USA, where he was awarded the opportunity to represent the United States at the Bocuse d’Or World Cuisine Contest—the biennial global cooking competition. In early 2009, Hollingsworth traveled to Lyon, France to compete in the prestigious event, where he placed sixth out of 24 prominent chef teams from around the world.”

“Shortly after leaving his post at The French Laundry in 2013 and traveling to stage under acclaimed European Chefs including Alain Ducasse and Gordon Ramsay, Chef Hollingsworth moved to Los Angeles to begin new ventures. In his current role and first solo project at Otium, he looks to be a mentor to the next generation of aspiring chefs.”

Chef Jonathan Granada is Chef Tim’s long-time Director of Culinary Operations. He initially met Chef Tim at The French Laundry in 2009. Chef Jonathan has earned many accolades of his own including winning Cochon 555’s “King of Porc” honors in 2017. He serves as the West Coast Ambassador for Ora King Salmon (New Zealand) as their West Coast Ambassador.

Chef Timothy Hollingsworth joins us.

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