Show 447, October 16, 2021: Francisco Migoya, Modernist Cuisine Head Chef on Modernist Pizza Part Two

Francisco Migoya of Modernist Cuisine

Modernist Pizza by Nathan Myhrvold and Chef Francisco Migoya is the result of 200,000 hours of work by the talented team of culinary professionals and food scientists. “It’s the ultimate deep dive into one of the world’s most beloved foods. Over four years of research in the making, Modernist Pizza delivers the story of pizza as it’s never been told before. The book is the culmination of Modernist Cuisine’s findings and discoveries into the deliciously diverse world of pizza, including, for the first time, a chapter on travel.”

“Whether you’re a professional pizzaiolo or new to making pizza, Modernist Pizza is for anyone who enjoys a slice. The recipes in the book were developed using both professional and home ovens (and equipment). Filled with gorgeous photographs and helpful illustrations, you’ll find guides to help you choose gear, determine where to start with their dough recipes, and build your own pizzas.”

Modernist Pizza explores all aspects of pizza. Volumes 1 and 2 cover the science, history, fundamentals, ingredients, pizza travels, and techniques of making pizza. Volume 3 is dedicated to both traditional and innovative recipes for pizza found around the globe. A Kitchen Manuel (400 pages, wire-bound) makes the recipes portable.”

“Deep-dish pizza made with Neapolitan dough. A game-changing flavor-infused fiord di latte mozzarella. Ordinary canned soup, transformed into robust pizza sauce. The ultimate leftover slice. Backed by extensive experiments, Modernist Pizza contains new insights, techniques, and scientific knowledge that will take your pizza-making skills and creativity to the next level.”

“Francisco Migoya is the coauthor of Modernist Bread (2017) and Modernist Pizza (2021.) As head chef, he leads the Modernist Cuisine culinary team in Bellevue, Washington. An innovative pastry chef Migoya is the author of three books on his own. He has been recognized as a top US pastry chef and chocolatier.” Prior to joining the Modernist Cuisine team, Migoya was a professor at the Culinary Institute of America, where his areas of instruction included bread, viennoiserie, pastry, and culinary science.”

Back in early February Chef Migoya conducted an informative Instagram presentation / demo for the Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP) (high school Culinary Arts students.) It was all about bagels with an emphasis about how the Modernist Cuisine team resolved the problem of the variety of possible toppings staying on the fresh-baked bagels after you buy them. It also highlights the process of how the innovative Modernist Cuisine team researches and then solves culinary dilemmas.

Chef Francisco Migoya continues with us spoodle in hand.

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