Show 45, October 26, 2013: Mary Sue Milliken, Founder and Co-Owner of Border Grill Las Vegas

Mary Sue Milliken of Border GrillChef, restaurateur, cookbook author and food television star, Mary Sue Milliken, really needs no introduction to the show. Her “Two Hot Tamales” series for Food Network which she did with her business partner, Susan Feniger, was one of the early hit series for the network. More recently she competed on Bravo’s “Top Chef Masters.”

One of the most successful Border Grills is located in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay Hotel on The Strip. It opened with the Hotel. There are strong rumors about a new Border Grill opening next year further north on The Strip.

Mary Sue and Susan were on the Chef on Stage East at 1:45 p.m. on Saturday at Life is Beautiful.

The familiar Border Grill food truck was one of the attractions in the Heineken Art of Beer Draught Pavilion.

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