Show 451, November 13, 2021: Chef Liz Johnson, Managing Partner, Horses Restaurant, West Hollywood Part One

Liz Johnson of Horses Restaurant

Horses is a recently launched California restaurant and drinkery with a nod to the European bistro. The inspiration for Horses comes from the original Ye Coach & Horses, a long-time bar and hideout for celebrities. Famous for being the perfect no-maintenance hang, people were devastated when its doors shuttered.”

“Keeping true to the space, Horses pays homage to the Hollywood of yesterday. Upon entrance, you pass through the original 1934 moldings, tiled cafe flooring, and the eponymous horse in the famed bar room. You will walk past the original red booths and tables where Quentin Tarentino and Tim Roth first met. In its new incarnation, the spirit and magic is still alive.”

“Horses is your classic bistro with a menu that is timeless and inspired by the bounty and seasonality of California. Small bites, classic libations, and a jovial spirit, Managing Partners and Chefs Will Aghajanian and Liz Johnson cook for the pleasure of the guest and the classic fare that inspired them as young cooks.”

“Horses is the first solo venture, and the most important work to date, for Chefs Will Aghajanian and Liz Johnson. As the visionaries behind the project, the duo is responsible for concept creation, interior design, menu development, as well as the day- to- day operations of the restaurant.”

“Running the kitchen, Aghajanian and Johnson have tapped Brittany Ha and Lee Pallerino as Co-Executive Chefs of Horses. Ha began her culinary career at Roberta’s in New York City. During those three years at an ambitious, creative and wild restaurant, she serendipitously met Lee Pallerino, who was the sous chef at the Michelin star Brooklyn eatery. Their journey continued together through restaurant openings, busy services, cross country moves, and now as co-chefs.”

The current menu is posted on Horses’ Instagram account.

Chef and Managing Partner Liz Johnson takes a break from her busy open kitchen located in the back of the Sunshine Room and joins

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