Show 458, January 15, 2022: Lindsay Hoopes, Proprietress, Hoopes Family Vineyard, Oakville, Napa Valley Part Two

Lindsay Hoopes of Hoopes Wines

Hoopes Family Vineyard & Winery (Oakville) is a small, family-owned winegrower and producer with deep roots in Napa Valley. Now in it’s second generation, Lindsay Hoopes continues to live and work on the farm with revered dedication to her family heritage in dogged pursuit of perfect wines. Their critically acclaimed wines tell the exquisite story of the Hoopes’ vineyards, their philosophy, and the continued evolution of Napa Valley. With a true sense of place and raison d’être, Hoopes Vineyard wines strive to over deliver in flavor, history, passion, adventure and luxury.”

“Raised on the Hoopes farm by her wine-loving family, Lindsay Hoopes learned how to cultivate grapes and promote Napa’s sense of place and terroir through her father, Spencer Hoopes. Spencer Hoopes loved farming, and developed a passion for wine as the wine industry in Napa blossomed right around him.”

“Spencer Hoopes grew grapes for other vintners and quickly earned repute for some of the best cabernet sauvignon in the Napa Valley. Spencer’s stewardship of the land was heralded by many. When other vintners asked if they could use the Hoopes name to authenticate the high-calibre of their wine, Spencer concluded that, darn it, he should do it himself.”

“Enter Lindsay. Spencer encouraged Lindsay to explore the world and potentially other careers before making a decision to settle at home in the family business. Farming suffers no fools, and Spencer wasn’t just going to give her a job.”

“Lindsay has a wanderlust. After living abroad in many countries, from Ireland to Costa Rica, Lindsay studied international law, worked in international logistics and ultimately worked in homicide at the San Francisco District Attorney’s office. But Lindsay eventually made her way back to Napa Valley when a family illness prompted her to take over Hoopes Vineyard in 2012.”

“Lindsay honored her heritage and father’s winemaking philosophy, but retained her sense of adventure by giving Hoopes Family Vineyard some innovative upgrades. She adopted regenerative agricultural practices and bio-diverse farming initiatives, founded a rescue sanctuary for animals, worked with environmental groups for organic and sustainability certification, and created a hub for young wine fans to immerse themselves in California wine culture in what is now the Oasis by Hoopes. Lindsay also now tells the story of Hoopes wine through food in her many culinary partnerships and initiatives.” Hoopes Family Vineyard also hosts a variety intriguing Virtual Events.

The Hoopes Family Vineyard produces small lots of meritorious Cabernet Sauvignon in various expressions, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Rose and Syrah.

Proprietress Lindsay Hoopes continues with us gently pulling the cork on the activities of Hoopes Family Vineyard & Winery.

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