Show 463, February 26, 2022: Owner / Chef Sandra Cordero of Gasolina Café, Woodland Hills – Preview of “Ten Days of RE:Her” Part One

Sandra Cordero

“Chef Sandra Cordero is the proprietress of Woodland Hills’ Gasolina Café bringing Spanish influenced food to the table in an exciting new way. Gasolina enthusiastically supports local farms and sustainability. Chef Sandra operates a scratch kitchen where everything is made in-house and to order.”

Chef Sandra is one of the founders of RE:Her. “RE:Her’s inaugural festival, 10 Days RE:Her, debuted on the anniversary of the Women’s March in January 2021. Nearly 100 female-owned restaurants and women-run food & beverage brands came together to offer 85 events across Los Angeles County. These women united to offer unique collaborations with other female chefs, thematic menus, one-on-one conversations among female industry leaders, and more.”

“The organization has grown to include more than 300 members across Los Angeles County. For 10 Days RE:Her 2022 running March 4th through March 13, 2022, there will be even more collaborations and events to explore new neighborhoods, discover hidden gems and support a network of hard-working women who add color and depth to their communities.”

For “RE:Her” Chef Sandra has teamed with Adrienne the Founder of Wanderlust Creamery to create the limited edition Pan con Chocolate Ice Cream Bar. It a fruity Arbequina olive oil ice cream bar dipped in Valrhona Manjari dark chocolate, sourdough crumb crunch, citrus, and Maldon sea salt. Gasolina and Wanderlust Creamery are donating $1.00 to RE:Her for each bar sold.

Paella Nights at Gasolina Café return on Friday, March 18th and Saturday, March 19th.

Chef Sandra continues her salivating preview of “10 Days RE:Her 2022” along with the sharing the current happenings at Gasolina Café.

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