Show 463, February 26, 2022: Restaurateur & Chef Josiah Citrin, Charcoal Venice Part One

Josiah Citrin of Melisse

Charcoal Venice is an inviting neighborhood restaurant from Michelin-starred Chef and Owner Josiah Citrin (Melisse, OpenAire at The Line Hotel and Dear John’s) that was inspired by the backyard barbecues he hosts on weekends for his friends and family. As the name suggests, everything is cooked indoors over live fire – whether over charcoal or in the coals.”

“Citrin and Chef de Cuisine Jordan Olivo prepare a seasonal menu of craveable comfort foods featuring locally-sourced proteins and vegetables ideal for sharing family-style. Whether diving into a platter of smoky grilled chicken wings with a beer or classic cocktail at the bar, or splitting a 48 oz. dry-aged Porterhouse and a bottle of Bandol with friends, Charcoal Venice is an everyday dining spot.”

All of the creative condiments accompanying the steaks are house-made including the signature J-1 Steak Sauce.

There is a landscaped backyard patio in the rear of Charcoal (with efficient space heaters) for guests seeking a pleasant open air dining option.

Chef Josiah joins us with tongs in hand.

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