Show 465, March 12, 2022: Chef Nicola Allegretta, Proprietor, Mistura Restaurant, San Luis Obispo Part Two

Nicola Allegretta of Mistura

“The term Mistura condenses the essence of Peru, a reflection of their people and the country’s cuisine, a marvelous mix of cultures of invaluable heritage. Mistura San Luis Obispo is a modern Peruvian restaurant that is as dynamic as the country it celebrates and its biodiversity. Mistura captures the multicultural spirit of Peru, blending its Native Pre-Columbian and Incas gastronomic heritage with the Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Japanese influences that embody the country’s vibrant cuisine. Mistura is a true homage to the diversity of Peruvian food by proposing flavors that are at once familiar yet adventurous and unexpected.”

Owner / Chef Nicola Allegretta tends to and harvests most of the organic produce used in Mistura’s menu from their garden’s rich soil. The idea of a garden in the city is fascinating and it allows Mistura to keep in constant contact with nature while providing a genuine Farm-to-Table experience. Furthermore, Chef Nicola is committed to preserving the land and its resources by providing agricultural produce, fishery, and cattle livestock that adhere to strict sustainability practices. All poultry, fish, beef, and pork are sourced locally and must be free-range, organic, non-hormone-treated.”

Pisco is a Peruvian Brandy with a long history dating back to the Incas. Chef Allegretta makes the extraordinary extra effort to distill his own Pisco in-house! (It’s not “official” Pisco because it’s not distilled in Peru.) Guests can enjoy this special Pisco in their Pisco Sour, Maracuya Sour, Chica Morada Sour and other specialty cocktails.

Accomplished Italian Pastry Chef Florencia Breda is currently doing a pop-up at Mistura featuring her delectable pastries and desserts. It’s under the name of Breda Pasticceria Cioccolateria. You see the display cases of her striking, standout creations as you enter Mistura.

Chef Nicola takes a break from his busy kitchen and is our guest.

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