Show 466, March 19, 2022: Baker Arturo Enciso, Gusto Bread, Long Beach Part One

Arturo Enciso of Gusto Bread

Baker Arturo Enciso’s Gusto Bread is an organic panadería in Long Beach, California, specializing in pan and pan dulce made only with masa madre (natural leaven: sourdough starter).Find freshly made loaves, conchas, long breads, nixtamal, polvorones, horchata, café de olla, yerba mate, as well as delicious pantry goods (sardinas, beans), and so much more.”

Gusto Bread is a homey, creative, latinx operation, with a love for tradition and nutrition, serving and supported by their local community. Gusto loves putting their heart and soul into their acclaimed work. Baker Arturo has a passionate connection to bread and baking.”

Proprietor Arturo Enciso is a baker from Lebec, CA who has called Long Beach his home for over 10 years. As a self-taught baker for the last 7+ years, he’s grown his hobby into a career with his business Gusto Bread, a panadería orgánica on Retro Row in Long Beach (storefront just opened in August 2020). The bakery uses only masa madre (sourdough) for making breads and pan dulces, embracing ancient knowledge and using high-quality ingredients. He believes that good food and bread provide a beautiful way for people to connect with one another, to traditions and wisdom of the past and create community for a brighter future together.” Arturo takes a break from his busy ovens and joins us.

“Working alongside Arturo is his partner of over 10 years, Ana Belén Salatino, who you’ll find minding the shop, answering the phone and emails, and general day-to-day operations at the bakery. She is in awe of the amount of support and encouragement Gusto Bread has seen from the Long Beach community (and beyond) and knows a good part of the business’ success comes from the heartfelt passion Arturo has for baking and their shared deep commitment to the highest quality ingredients and processes.”

Gusto Bread is open five days and closed on Monday and Tuesday.

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