Show 469, April 9, 2022: Jacob Deleon, Founder, Fila Manila Filipino American Kitchen, New Jersey Part One

Filipino Kitchen

Jacob “Jake” Deleon is the young founder of Fila Manila Filipino American Kitchen based in New Jersey. He has an award-winning line of glass jarred Filipino condiments including savory and sweet varieties that are free of artificial colors and flavors.

“Jake is a first generation FilAm, or Filipino American, who was born in the Philippines and raised in New Jersey with countless memories of joyful family gatherings. At the center of each gathering was a table overflowing with homecooked Filipino dishes. Jakes remembers the delicious flavors of this food together with the laughter of his family bringing comfort and joy to his heart.”

“He created Fila Manila to celebrate the joy of the Filipino family, culture, and the delicious cuisine and share it with a wider audience of discriminating food lovers.”

“Jake named the brand after the joyful and quirky spirit of the FilAm community combined with Manila, the heart of the Philippine Islands.”

His flagship product is Filipino Adobo Sauce and Marinade, used in the Philippines signature dish and Jake’s favorite food. It was a NEXTY Award Winner at Natural Products Expo West for Best Condiment the year it was introduced. “This Filipino staple is tangy, savory, and salty all at once, and Fila Manila’s take on this iconic sauce is both a great entry point to the cuisine and an attractive new option for aficionados with its clean, minimal ingredient list and use of tamari over wheat-based soy sauce. These modest updates to typical conventional versions cut no corners with authenticity; the sauce gets some of its zip from coconut vinegar.”

Fila Manila’s newest creation is Ube Purple Yam & Coconut Jam. It was awarded the NEXTY for Best New Pantry Food at the recent Natural Products Expo West at the Anaheim Convention Center. “It’s crafted in small batches. Thick and sweet, this creamy coconut and purple yam-based spread is tasty and satisfying – and more than a little crave-worthy.”

Jacob Deleon is our guest providing a taste of the Philippines.

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