Show 470, April 16, 2022: Jenny Goldfarb, Founder, Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli Part Two

Jenny Goldfarb of Mrs. Goldfarb's

Jenny Goldfarb, aka Mrs. Goldfarb, is the Founder & CEO of Unreal Deli, the country’s leading provider of premium plant-based deli meats. Unreal Deli is meat from a (truly happy) farm, not a factory, made with locally-sourced ingredients you can pronounce. With no experience in the food sector, let alone launching a company, Jenny gave birth to this rapidly expanding business in her tiny kitchen while pregnant with her 3rd child. Her great-grandfather, Morris Gross, immigrated to NYC in 1907 and worked his way up from dishwasher to owning several NY delis.”

“Jenny grew up a “bagels and Seinfeld Jew” on the Standard American Diet (SAD), and in her early 30s, learned about the plight of animals on factory farms, which led her to adopt a plant-based diet. After much trial and error, she became a whiz in the plant-based kitchen and realized the thing she missed most after becoming vegan was premium NY-style deli meat. She sought to recreate a corned beef made from beets, chickpeas, tomatoes, and high protein wheat. The recipe was such a hit with her friends and family that they encouraged her to produce her Corn’d Beef Reubens for some of the biggest delis in LA, which got the attention of Whole Foods and even landed her on Shark Tank where she took on Mark Cuban as primary investor.”

“At the top of 2020 things were looking good, until the pandemic hit and restaurants, the company’s main revenue source, shut down. It didn’t look good. But making it through challenges is all about flexibility, so the company shifted into retail. Retail sales shot through the roof! The company then developed Unreal Roasted Turk’y followed by Unreal Steak Slices to have a more diverse product line supporting consumer sales. The product line can now be found in thousands of restaurant and grocery locations nationwide with more to come including new products and a wider release of more Unreal Deli ghost kitchens after the successful launch in NY.” Mark Cuban has contributed a second round of funding in addition to his original “Shark Tank” investment.

Jenny Goldfarb continues as our guest with a freshly-prepared, overstuffed Unreal Deli Corn’d Beef Reuben on corn rye in hand.

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