Show 471, April 23, 2022: Jennifer Bushman, Chief Marketing Officer Kvarøy Arctic Salmon Part Two

Jennifer Bushman of Kvaroy Arctic

“Kvarøy (say “Kwa-ray”) is a postcard-pretty Norwegian island located on the Arctic Circle. It was here back in 1976 that Alf Olsen and his son Geir founded Kvarøy Arctic. Today, the now third-generation family-run business is driven by the same goal set by their grandfather—“to provide salmon of very high quality, without compromising either the environment or the welfare of the fish.” Kvarøy Arctic is redefining the salmon-farming industry through innovation and deep concern for the future of the fish they raise and the waters they live on. Kvarøy Arctic helped develop the non-GMO food they provide their salmon. This has resulted in an omega-3 content that is twice as much as other farmed salmon, and a highly sustainable fish-in/fish-out ratio of 0.48 to 1.”

At Natural Products Expo West last month in Anaheim Kvarøy Arctic introduced their Salmon Hot Dogs. “This flavorful hot dog is packed with the full recommended allowance of Omega 3’s in one serving. They are non-GMO, gluten-free, and can be stored in the freezer for up to a year. Simply thaw and they are ready to grill, broil or pan fry.” The Kvarøy Arctic Salmon Hot Dogs (2 dogs in a 7 oz. package) are available in Original Recipe, Original & Cheese, Jalapeno & Cheese and Chile & Cheese styles. There is also a new line of Salmon Burgers, skin-backed in four flavors. Kvarøy Arctic’s product line includes Smoked Salmon from heritage smoker, Santa Barbara Smoke House and skin-packed Frozen Salmon.

Kvarøy Arctic’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jennifer Bushman, continues with us providing all the background on this family-owned, sustainable fish farm. As they like to say, “It’s the salmon that seafood people have been waiting for.”

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