Show 477, June 4, 2022: Baker Amy Dixon, Proprietress. The Baker’s Table, Santa Ynez, CA Part One

Amy Dixon of The Baker's Table

Amy Dixon’s The Baker’s Table in Santa Ynez is an artisan bakery feeding the body and soul through the time-honored craft of baking. They hold quality ingredients to heart and incorporate them into the way we live. The Baker’s Table is dedicated to combining organic, local and fair-trade ingredients to honor the earth and the hands that cultivate it.”

“Thoughtfully choosing fair-trade, local and organic ingredients when possible, Amy Dixon tends to each recipe with the passion of an artist, persistence of a chemist, and patience of a mother. At home in the Santa Ynez Valley since 1998, Amy keeps answering her driving call to pursue excellence through baking. Through kneading bread or crafting desserts for local restaurants, she continues to find joy in a flaky, buttery apple galette or in the delightful textures of a French macaron.”

“If you’re searching for a full, hand-crafted breakfast or a steaming cup of coffee and a luscious pastry, The Baker’s Table can satisfy your craving. Delectable offerings include everything from savory quiches to scones jam-packed with berries galore. If it’s lunch you prefer, their menu features salads with pristine ingredients fresh from the farm, as well as delicious sandwiches on their famous variety of hearth-baked breads.”

“Bread is the backbone of The Baker’s Table. They use artisan flour, all baked on a radiant, stone hearth. The Baker’s Table lovingly creates each and every loaf by hand, and carefully tend to them from mixing to slicing. You will see, smell and taste the stellar quality of their mouth-watering breads.”

The Baker’s Table is on the move. They will soon move to a new, expanded location with more patio seating near the main Post Office on Sagunto St. (about a block away from the original location.)

Baker Amy Dixon joins us with rolling pin in hand.

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