Show 478, June 11, 2022: Gather for Good Co-Founders – Stephanie Chen and Sherry Mandell

“Gather for Good.” founded by the low-key Stephanie Chen and Sherry Mandell (both dedicated volunteers,) is a grass roots, community group of business owners, parents and caring residents who were feeling helpless and overwhelmed by the current news climate and wanted to make a difference. This all started because they love to connect with their neighbors, friends and family over good pastries and coffee. And through the action of gathering people together, doing good and giving back—the group slowly found their voice again in this challenging time.”

“The goal for Gather for Good events is to be a spark of inspiration to show that you can make a difference through simple actions within your own communities. They believe there is an opportunity for each and every one of us to get out there and build our communities to be stronger than ever. Because in the end, we are all better together…”

The 3rd Annual Pies for Justice on Juneteenth is one of Gather for Good’s signature fundraising events. It’s a giant bake sale!

Pies for Justice showcases all your favorite pastry chefs, bakers, restaurant owners, farmers and foodies. All the participants are here to make a stand, feed guests delicious pies and support important organizations fighting for equity and justice in the Black community.

“Each participating chef and restaurant will prepare a unique pie offering for this fundraiser. Some will sell whole pies, hand pies, and pie slices. Others will be hosting raffles!” All the info is on the Gather for Good Website. Click on the Pies for Justice” tab.

Gather for Good’s Stephanie Chen and Sherry Mandell join us.

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