Show 478, June 11, 2022: Show Preview with Executive Producer & Co-Host Andy Harris

Beef it Up! – 50 Mouthwatering Recipes for Ground Beef, Steaks, Stews, Roasts, Ribs, and More is full of show-stopping recipes that are quick and budget friendly. Author Jessica Formicola is the creator of Savory Experiments, a food and lifestyle blog famous for its restaurant quality, family friendly recipes. Her debut cookbook shows home chefs how and what to cook with the most popular cuts of beef. Inexpensive ground beef isn’t only for cheeseburgers, but Spicy Hand Pies, Stuffed Peppers, and Shepherd’s Pie Mac & Cheese. You can feed a dinner party of six by rolling up a Gouda Stuffed Flank Steak, impressing guests without breaking the bank. And a Mushroom Crusted Ribeye makes for a delightful bark right in the kitchen, no need to fire up the grill.” Jessica Formicola is our guest with steak knife in hand.

“The 2022 Season at the Hollywood Bowl is a celebration of the Bowl’s 100th anniversary milestone. Now into the seventh year with award-winning chef Suzanne Goin and restaurateur Caroline StyneHollywood Bowl Food + Wine promises exceptional dining for visitors to the iconic venue. Goin and Styne’s culinary history has defined Los Angeles tastes since 1998 when they opened Lucques, their legendary first restaurant. At the Hollywood Bowl, their California-inspired offerings include three restaurants and three marketplaces. Additionally, menus for the Terrace and Garden Boxes, which can be ordered a day in advance, are created by four-time James Beard Foundation award-winner Suzanne Goin. Goin’s vibrant new summer dishes pair beautifully with the exceptional wine and beer programs curated by Caroline Styne, the recipient of the James Beard Foundation’s 2018 Outstanding Restaurateur of the Year award.” Caroline Styne joins us with corkscrew securely in hand.

“Gather for Good.” founded by the low-key Stephanie Chen and Sherry Mandell (both volunteers,) is a grass roots, community group of business owners, parents and caring residents who were feeling helpless and overwhelmed by the current news climate and wanted to make a difference. This all started because they love to connect with their neighbors, friends and family over good pastries and coffee. And through the action of gathering people together, doing good and giving back—the group slowly found their voice again in this challenging time. The 3rd Annual Pies for Justice on Juneteenth (June 19th) is one of Gather for Good’s signature fundraising events. It’s a giant bake sale! Pies for Justice showcases all your favorite pastry chefs, bakers, restaurant owners, farmers and foodies. All the participants are there to make a stand, feed guests delicious pies and support important organizations fighting for equity and justice in the Black community.” Gather for Good’s Stephanie Chen and Sherry Mandell join us.

Gather for Good’s Co-founder, Sherry Mandell is also a partner in the Tehachapi Heritage Grain Project. She is affectionally referred to as the “Fairy Grain Mother.” Her mission is “spreading glutenous joy far and wide.” Her Gather for Good Co-founder, artisan baker and pastry chef Stephanie Chen, operates Sugarbear Bakes. Pastry Chef Steph uses Tehachapi Grain Flour in her incredibly delicious hand pies and cakes. The Tehachapi Heritage Grain Project’s aim is to preserve and grow heritage organic grains which are naturally drought tolerant and low in gluten. Sherry Mandell and Pastry Chef Stephanie Chen continue with us now providing an overview of the Tehachapi Heritage Grain Project.

Our own Chef Andrew Gruel of the Slapfish Restaurant Group provides another timely and informative “Ask the Chef” segment where Chef Andrew responds to listeners thoughtful inquiries. We’re all looking to stretch our dollars on our food purchases. Chef Andrew picks up the conversation from last week sharing his experience with lesser -known varieties of fish that represent good value and are also delicious. An initial suggestion is Barramundi in both fresh and frozen packages. With inflation on the rise Chef Andrew shares some inspired buying tips to help mitigate the rising cost of food.

All of this and heaping helpings of extra deliciousness on this week’s not-to-miss show!

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