Show 481, July 2, 2022: Guittard Chocolate Co’s Guittard Chocolate Studio Workshops Part One

Donald Wressell of Guittard Chocolate Company

Under the direction of Guittard Chocolate Company’s acclaimed Executive Pastry Chef Donald Wressell, the “Guittard Chocolate Studio in Culver City offers hands-on workshops with prominent chefs, chocolatiers and bakers for a unique opportunity for cooking professionals and serious home cooks to learn new skills, finesse techniques and expand on their chocolate knowledge.”

Next on this year’s class schedule is Market Driven Desserts with Della Gossett (Executive Pastry Chef for Wolfgang Puck’s Spago) and Roxana Jullapat (Co-Proprietor and Pastry Chef for Friends & Family in Hollywood.) It’s a 2-day course on July 13 & 14th from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

“Begin this lesson by joining Della & Roxana to a visit at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market, meeting the farmers & vendors who bring in the best produce of the season. Shop for a selection to work with and come back to the Chocolate Studio kitchen to create desserts and baked goods using the market produce. Find ways to inspire your current seasonal menu and explore the skill of making preserves using seasonal produce for use in the future.”

Chefs Donald Wressell, Della Gossett and Roxana Jullapat join us rolling pin firmly in hand.

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